Window Cleaning

Need Windows Cleaned?

Keeping your property's windows perpetually clean is no easy task! Or is it? Now you can resort to professional assistance from CleanTeam South West.

We’ve got the means and know-how to handle this task in a time-saving and effective way. Window cleaning technology and equipment: Our window cleaners in Torquay use next-generation water-fed pole technology to keep your windows the shiniest in the neighbourhood.

Window cleaning prices start from…

Front of house only

£ 10
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2 Bed

£ 15
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3 Bed

£ 20
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4 Bed

£ 25
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Please Note: these prices do not include conservatory, extensions etc.

Here's how
its done

The “Reach-and-Wash” system is incorporated directly into the vehicle of the technicians. Also, you don’t have to set up a water source for the service as the technicians bring their own. That’s Right!

This is the part that makes this service one of a kind.

Cleaning with purified water. The Water in the storage tank is 100% purified which significantly enhances its cleaning properties. A stream of plain H2O is an incredibly effective way to bring windows to a pristine state. The science behind the whole process is that the pure water molecules easily connect with any dirt that resides on the glass surfaces and dislodges it. Also on the plus side, this service is nature-friendly as no chemicals are involved at all.