Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Need Your Patio Cleaned?

Tarmac Driveway Cleaning Torquay

Tarmac driveways often suffer from crumbling and damage due to wear and tear over the years. Tarmac can crack and depressions can appear in the surface. These areas of damage are often isolated and as such can be repaired rather than there being a need for the entire driveway to be replaced.

We can treat any oil stains and clean the entire driveway. Finally to restore the tarmac, if required, we apply a a coloured sealant, which replenishes faded colour.

Paving Cleaning Torquay

Whether your paving is constructed of patio slabs, natural stone or flagstones we can offer an excellent cleaning and refurbishment programme to revitalise and renew!

If required, the area will be thoroughly pressure cleaned to remove all dirt accumulations, moss and algae.

Excellent results are achieved usually returning the area to an as-new condition! After discussions with you we can replace any missing or broken pointing or for an optimum result remove and replace all pointing with either a traditional cement based mortar or our preferred pointing compound product. Finally at your option a protective sealant can be applied. Sealants are usually applied with either a brush, roller, squeegee or spray and dependant on the product chosen may require either one or two coats to achieve the desired results. Various finishes are available to suit the customers preferences.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning Torquay

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is hard wearing but over time the sealant can wear away and fade and dirt and staining can accumulate. This detracts from the look of your driveway or pathway or patio and also risks damage occurring to the surface.

We provide a complete pressure cleaning service which removes all dirt and staining from the surface of the concrete. Following this clean we can provide a re-colour and/or application of a new sealant, restoring colour and offering renewed strength and protection to the area.

Block Paving Cleaning Torquay

Block paving can often suffer over time from dirt accumulations, algae and weed growth as well as sunken and damaged areas. Our pressure washing service is highly effective at removing dirt, moss, algae and the irritating weed growth that can appear between the blocks. Following a pressure clean of block paving we can re-sand the area. Our block paving sealing service offers a further protection to your paving. It provides protection against staining. It inhibits weed growth between the blocks. It prevents the sand jointing from depleting, increasing the stability and strength of structure of the paving.

Need Your Driveway Cleaned?