Gutters and Fascias

Need Gutters/Fascias Cleaned?

Gutter Cleaning Torquay

Did you know that the leading cause of water damage in the UK is clogged gutters and downpipes? Well, CleanTeam South West can provide you with an effective gutter cleaning in Torbay.

At Least 7 Reasons To Choose This Gutter Cleaning Service For Your Property:

Your Gutter Cleaning Comes With Many Additional Advantages Gutter cleaning services with a one-month guarantee. Time-saving and reliable. Regular services can be arranged, we recommend gutter cleaning at least twice a year. No need for scaffolding. Our gutter service is guaranteed.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment and Technology We use a 4000-watt wet vacuum machine with a telescopic pole which allows the technician to reach the gutters of the property without a ladder. Also, each machine has a small wireless camera for inspection purposes. With it, the technician will be able to show you “before” and “after” pictures of your gutters. This way you will be sure that he has done his job.

Unfortunately, We are unable to clean downpipes that are below ground level or gutters that have gutter guards.